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Organic Spa

Experience... The Sensation...

Revitalize your body from the outside in at Esprés Nails & Spa. We offer the newest and latest technologies providing an array of tantalizing spa treatments.

Imagine the finest, natural beauty secrets from a tropical paradise delivered straight to your spa.
With Esprés Nails botanical spa line, the spirit of the Indonesian islands is now available at Esprés Nails & Spa. Possibly the most decadent, luxurious product line yet conceived by Esprés Nails.  Esprés Nails Spa Series provides hand, nail and foot care treatments made from all natural ingredients found a world away.
Based on a philosophy of natural care for health and beauty,  Esprés Nails spa line incorporates elements derived from the highest quality plants, herbs and flora. These natural hand foot care products contain ingredients derived from the lavender (for balancing and relaxation, green tea (for anti-aging properties, mint, eucalyptus, the calming chamomile, the mood lifting lemongrass, and the revitalizing of peppermint herbs. Each indulgent cream, butter, gel scrub and mask is design for each guest for their beneficiary remedies.

Our blends of organic herbals and the use of Esprés Nails 100% pure essential oils is design to sooths the mind, uplift your spirits, and awaken your senses.
Used independently or as part of a combination spa treatment, the Esprés Spa line products are design for the “ultimate experience” in relaxation, holistic health, natural beauty, and tropical luxury.