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Hours: M-W/Th & F: 10-8/9; Sat 10-8; Sun: 11-6; Holiday Hours


Franchise Opportunity


Esprés Nails & Spa is proud to offer its first class look salon and services that is non comparable through its innovative equipments, professionalism, diversity, clientele centeredness, and pricing, all embedded in the luxury of an odorless, cleaner, quality, caring, and safer environment within its surrounding communities.

Our success is driven by a combination of factors:

  • Highly trained professionals with continuous education, training and development;
  • State-of-the art tools/equipment and resources, along with constant innovation to improve efficiency;
  • Quality products and services with affordable pricing;
  • Loyalty and customer satisfaction so that our clientele continue to enjoy friendly and professional services offered by our nail technicians, artists, and designers.

We have rejuvenated our industry, and we proudly present you with our magnificent Esprés Nails & Spa, a new business model providing years of experience and success! Our core value is to continue as a first class enterprise, to strive to provide first class nail spa services to our communities, and to become a model to others in the industry.

Esprés Nails has a zero tolerance to unprofessionalism, and we are continually improving our standards to better serve and cater for customer satisfaction. 


At present time, we ONLY operate one spa which is located at the Strongsville, Ohio. No any other salon/spa legally related to us. All usage of Espres Nails & Spa related trade name is not authorized.